Crafted Delights: The Artisanal Label for Falafel King's Authentic Jerusalem Cuisine
Saeed, the visionary owner of a revered second-generation family-owned business renowned for its authentic Jerusalem cuisine. With a long-standing and fruitful partnership, Saeed approached our team to craft a new line of supermarket-ready sauces and dips that would capture the essence of his culinary heritage while captivating health-conscious, modern buyers. We delved into a comprehensive SWOT analysis of existing brands in the Middle Eastern food aisle, identifying a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between trendy, health-oriented consumers and those yearning for homestyle, authentic flavors. Drawing inspiration from traditional Palestinian tapestries and mosaics, we embarked on a design journey that would redefine shelf appeal and storytelling.
Our creative journey commenced with the development of a vibrant platform to showcase the series of six delectable dips. We meticulously crafted alluring color palettes and background art, bringing forth a series of iterative labels to refine our vision. Through focused iterations and discerning design choices, we crafted a visual language that harmonized artistry with practicality, culminating in print-ready designs that would grace the shelves of Co-Op retailers throughout Minneapolis-St. Paul. Our unwavering dedication to authenticity and aesthetics ensures these labels will resonate with both State Fair enthusiasts and Middle Eastern food aficionados, elevating the dining experience to an art form.
Embodying the spirit of tradition and innovation, the final label series celebrates Saeed's heritage while embracing the aspirations of modern culinary enthusiasts. Soon to be showcased across Co-Op retailers in the Twin Cities area, these labels are poised to create a devoted following at the State Fair and in the homes of connoisseurs who crave an authentic Middle Eastern feast.
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