Create a compelling logo for a podcast startup, where the founders engage in intriguing interviews with local restaurants, businesses, and celebrities.
In the vibrant realm of content creation, podcasts have emerged as a dynamic and rapidly expanding medium, with influential shows like the Joe Rogan Experience captivating audiences worldwide. Among the inspired individuals seeking to start their own podcast was the enterprising visionary, Yusra Mohamed. Introduced to our team through a mutual connection, Yusra shared her ambitious idea for a podcast that would shine a spotlight on community members, black-owned businesses, and esteemed local celebrities in Minneapolis. Eager to bring her vision to life, she requested our expertise in crafting a compelling logo and brand style for her podcast—and we eagerly embraced the challenge.
Embarking on this all-original project, our team had the creative freedom to delve into diverse iconography possibilities. Our journey began with the innovative three-step spitball method, using a vision board to grasp Yusra's distinctive taste and align visual cues with the brand's essence. Engaging in spirited discussions, we explored various elements, emphasizing visual metaphors while adhering to a clean and concise aesthetic. As we narrowed down potential logos, we honed their success-inducing features to deliver the perfect design.

 In the final revelation, we unveiled a winning concept: a sleek sans serif font artfully combined with a simple microphone icon, reminiscent of a rubber stamp logo—a popular trend in the thriving and trending areas of Minneapolis. Paying homage to the city's iconic monument, the Cherry and Spoon, we ingeniously incorporated a spoon element. With the logo finalized, we completed the brand board to complement the overall identity. Yusra's podcast flourished, with numerous captivating episodes, and even earned a featured spot on Fox 11 Local news, amplifying its impact.
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